Monday, January 9, 2012

Paradoxes of Life - The Emptiness Paradox

What we think is full is really empty. Be it space, or our own mind, the feeling that we are appreciating great content is an illusion because all there is, in such works, is space. Just as they say that we are 99.99% nothingness though we all feel that we are full of something, so is the densest material in the world - full of nothingness.

In great music they say, the spaces are more important than the sounds. In great dialogue, the pauses say more than the words. In cricket, the extra moment sends the ball racing to the fence faster, not steely muscle. In dance, the extra moment, adds grace and transforms it into something else. So it is in any thing in life. From work to relationships, from dance to cricket, from children to adults, from lecturing to teaching, from plants to animals, from arts to science - spaces are almost everything. Spaces aid their growth, make them great.

The less we say, the more effective. The tighter the idea, the clearer it is. And the more space it gives for the readers, viewers to develop a relationship with the idea.

Less, is more. Full, is nothing.


Madhav said...

We are all made of atoms. Atoms are 99.999% empty. So everything IS empty.

Harimohan said...

It is so Madhav. But despite that, we are so full of ourselves.