Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thought for the Day - Follow the One Thought

I always find my dithering between two or more thoughts. It happens like this. I start with one thought for eg. let me go to x. And then I sabotage the perfectly good first thought with another thought which says, why not take y also to meet x. And when y comes up with another option, and it becomes a lot more complicated as probably z gets added. Now I have three thoughts, each pulling me in different directions with different intensities. Normally I put my original thought last, and give more priority to the other two thoughts because of an unnecessary responsibility I dragged on to myself. It causes me (the one who originally proposed the first thought a slight heartburn at the thought of me, the one who brought in y and z, and sabotaged it, getting all that importance) and well, there's a lot of unnecessary drama going on. Get the drift?

I specialise in the above method of dithering, dilly dallying and putting myself last and I am surprised it took me this long to get this thought out. Anyway the New Year resolution and one I think I could adopt for the rest of my life now, is to choose between the options quickly, stay with that 'one thought' for good or bad (which will instantly make me take more responsibility for it because now its mine, and therefore should be a better choice as well!). It should make me more peaceful, less resentful and most importantly force me to take my decisions faster and better as well. I can see some people heaving a sigh of relief already.

One thought then in all I do. More on this as I see the results.


Rajendra said...

You may not be the only one, methinks.

Harimohan said...

Raja, that's reassuring. But the one thought should make my life easier.