Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Connection Between Creativity and Love

That we love to do certain things is known. That when we love doing certain things they do not appear to be 'hard' is also known. That doing things with love can make life a lot more easier and purposeful is also known. But the question that remains is this. How do I love something that I really do not love? A job for instance - of accounting, of sweeping, of coding, of studying, of practicing, of running. How can I force myself to love?

The key is to apply the mind to whatever you are doing i.e. look at it creatively and strive to improve on it. Is there a better way of doing this? Is there my way of doing this? Can I make this chore into something else? Once your thought comes in, normally brought by an element of pride (I will make this the best job ever), creativity flows. Once the mind, the creative element is involved, all work becomes a passion. From studying to practising to working, everything takes on an urgency, a sense of purpose, a pride. Only the best works then.

Funnily even in matters of the heart. As Prof. Higgins finds out in 'My Fair Lady', once you put your mind into something (read as improving something), you slowly introduc your heart to it. And then God save you.

Involve the mind somehow, get it to look at whatever it is that is boring you, creatively, and it suddenly transforms into something wonderful. A livelihood for some, a new energy for all those around, but mostly a life of contentment.


Rajendra said...

Maybe there's some more to "Mind it" than meets the eye, after all.

Harimohan said...

And they thought our South Indian stars were vacuous. There's a huge philosophy in Quick Gun Murugan awaiting to be discovered.