Monday, January 30, 2012

Horrible Bosses - Movie Review

Watched this zany movie and laughed like hell. It's a story idea that is so hilarious that you wonder why no one thought of it before. It's about three guys who have horrible bosses and how they decide that their lives are going to be better off without them. So they decide to eliminate the bosses.

One of the bosses is Kevin Spacey, boss to Jason Bateman, is a self promoting, sadistic mad man, Colin Farrell, boss to Jason Sudeikis, is another who is a sexed out dope head who thinks he is a Kung Fu champ and the third is the super hot dentist Jennifer Aniston, boss to Charlie Day, who is sexually harassing him. Now their first attempt at finding a hit man ends up with them finding a guy who specialises in wet work. Only after he comes over with a full bladder do they understand what wet work he specialises in. They end up paying him 200 dollars though. And then they walk into a black bar looking to hire a hit man and find Jamie Foxx, a.k.a. M.F. Jones (yes, you got it right!) who agrees to do their job for thirty grand and then reduces it to five grand. He finally tells them he will not do the job but he will be their murder consultant. He advises them to kill each other's bosses so they don't get caught.

As the three gentlemen go about trying to get a fix on their bosses, they are involved in a series of capers that end with Kevin Spacey shooting Colin Farell, suspecting him of having an affair with his wife. Jennifer Aniston is taken care of by some slick photography by M.F.Jones and it all ends well for the three with all three bosses taken care of. I loved it and will watch it again.

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Rajendra said...

Great fun. Reminded me of 'A Fish Called Wanda' in some ways.