Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paradoxes of Life - The Friend-Enemy Paradox

The ones who love you the most could be your greatest blocks to growth. They stop you, strangle you, suffocate you, blackmail you constantly with their sympathy, fears, doubts, needless sacrifice and 'love'. They are the real enemies one needs to watch out for. The ones who stop your growth with their limitations and their 'love'.

The ones who hate you the most and cause you great harm - who cause irritation and resentment, humiliation and criticism, anger and revenge - they are your greatest vehicles of learning. They hit you on the head and make you realise, make you purposeful and drive all your energies towards making something better out of you. They are your angels of growth.

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Rajendra said...

No wonder the world is maya-tough to figure out, at the least.