Saturday, January 7, 2012

Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 - Movie Review

Watched this (thankfully not in 3D) at Prasad's with Anjali. Loved it. Its sassy, spunky and filled with fun, dance and music. I haven't seen the previous two but one need not, to enjoy this bunch of chipmunks and their father, a human who adopts them, Dave.

Now the chipmunks (delightful animated characters - Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Jeanette, Eleanor and Brittany) are in the world of humans and they are all headed for vacation on board a cruise ship. Alvin is always upto some mischief and he gets Dave into trouble with the captain. A salsa competition between the chipmunk stars and some hot salsa dancers, and some more fun on board, before all the chipmunks fly off on a kite due to a misfired adventure orchestrated by Alvin. How Dave and Ian, their old friend and foe, chase the chipmunks to rescue them and how they land up on an island, meet Zoe the bounty hunter, and how they all escape wiser and older after that, is the story. I loved the way Simon becomes Simone and that character is simply out of the world - I could watch him all day. All in all, I had a lot of fun and even Anjali gave the movie a thumbs up. Songs, dance, music, fun.

Better than Puss in Boots in my opinion. Worth a watch.

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Madhav said...

I took alexia to see it too. I was resigned to be bored out of my mind for the two hours, but i was not. I enjoyed it too.