Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Paradoxes of Life - The Memory Paradox

This is inspired by something Saeed Mirza said at the HLF about our memory being threatened by gadgets. And so it is, the bigger the memory of the gadget, the smaller the memory in your head is going to get. Phone numbers are a good place to start, we don't remember even five. And the more memory you have the more videos, songs, games, numbers, messages, pictures you carry - but you don't have the time to see them, enjoy them, remember them, respond to them, write to them, feel for them. nothing you have storage all over, have stuff in it, but you cannot do anything with it almost!

The more memory your gadget has then, the less your memory is going to be taxed. The less effort you make at prioritising things in life, about deciding what is important to you and keeping them close to your heart. Imagine if we were to throw away the mobile, or even have a no mobile day, a no computer day, a no gadget day. A no gadget week.

Life would slow down, and we'd remember at least one thing. That we are alive. And  that it is wonderful to be alive.


Chitra said...

Hari, love your blog. The best part of HLF was meeting you and Vamsee.

Harimohan said...

Thanks Chitra. Glad to see you here. Meeting you and Krishna was really the HLF highlight for me too (Vamsee I'd met before of course) - got it off to a great start.