Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thought for the Day - Do The Things You Don't Like With Deep Love

The general attitude is to skim past the things one doesn't like. People who hate figures chuck balance sheets away after a cursory glance, the ones who do not like interacting with people avoid them, ones who hate looking at legal documents find something else to do, ones who hate writing letters and mails avoid that - and they all hope that it will all work out.

Unfortunately most times they don't work themselves out. In fact most times they come back twice their size and haunt you. You know why? Because that is exactly what the discomfort was telling your right at the beginning. That you need to slow down and take a good hard look at it!

Now this is what the experts do well. They know what the important things are because they sense that discomfort or wanting to skim past. And those they never wish away for someone else. If something in the numbers needs to be looked at, a design thought through, a copy or draft not quite right - they don't skim past it. They stop. They look at it slowly, carefully run it in their mind, ask the experts. They tell the mind that there is no escape, that it has to look carefully at it because it is bothering me. And only when they get the pattern in their mind right, only when it makes sense to their picture, do they go past it. That is the only way the story will flow and not get disjointed and superficial!

And that is the key to doing things well. Whether is business, or play, writing stories or making movies, painting or accountancy, sweeping the floor or leading a country - when something bothers you, hold it right there. Get it right. That discomfort you felt was a warning that you need to keep your eyes open wide. Not shut your eyes. Tomorrow that one clause, the one area, the one error that will bring the whole thing crashing around your ankles. Those who have experienced it know what I am talking about, those who have not will surely do sooner or later.
Hold everything at the first sign of discomfort and run through it carefully before clearing it or addressing it. Dive deep into them - don't escape them. Because as they say, what you resist, will persist. And the good job will show!


Anonymous said...

Procrastination. Yep! guity of it too. Most of us are. Nice article.


Harimohan said...

Thanks Madhav!