Monday, July 25, 2011

Things I Would Not Do by Myself

There are many things I would not do by myself. These I do now because they encourage social activity. I think its a pretty long list. Some things I would probably not do by myself are:

1) Drink chai so regularly - I would not even make myself a morning cup, I'd drink water

2) Eat so much, and so unhealthy - I eat little when alone, stuff myself in company

3) Take useless pictures - I would click rarely, observe more

4) Watch movies - I'd prefer looking at a lake, trees,

5) Read bad books - I'd be outside watching the sky

6) Have pointless conversations - Obviously cannot, saves loads of time, energy

7) Drink - Don't think I'd ever be able to drink alone

8) Get into unnecessary dramas - Communication is the mother, so I'd avoid dramas

9) Crack jokes, laugh - I'd be smiling at best

10) Spend, save - But why?

11) Bother about the kind of clothes to wear - How does it matter?

12) Browse tv, internet endlessly - Saves loads of time that I normally 'kill'

13) Second guess myself about everything - No one to impress so I'd just go with the flow

14) Stick to 'established timings' - Sleep, work, eat, wake etc when you want

15) Feel sad - I'd probably appreciate life a lot more than to feel sad

I guess I need to make a 'Things I would do by myself' list too - to get things in perspective.


Rajendra said...

Interesting'd have plenty of time on your hands, if you didn't do all these.

Harimohan said...

Raja, That's what I figured.