Friday, July 29, 2011

Sari Khushiyan Hai - Mohd Rafi

This song completely killed me when I first heard it. I remember hearing it many years ago on a record player at home that was barely working. Probably for the last time it ever worked for a long run of time. This player was kept alive for many years because my father, a music aficionado, had a large collection of records or discs - EPs, LPs and another type. The EPs went by really quick at 78 rpm, the LPs at 33 rpm. All kinds of stuff - Hindi, Telugu, English, Instrumental.

Anyway it was a day when I had nothing else to do but play some records and I happened upon this song. Twenty odd years ago. I played and replayed it again and again until I got most of the words - something I do normally when I like any song - much to everyone else's annoyance. Anyway, for all practical purposes I forgot the name of the movie, the record, the song. All I remembered were the lyrics, and they stayed with me. It was the only song I could sing almost fully. And I sand it passionately whenever anyone asked me to sing too.

The other day while browsing through YouTube I thought I'd check with these words - I did not even know if they were the title of the song. And as luck would have it there was Shashi Kapoor singing the song passionately in Kashmir or some such heavenly place, with Sharmila Tagore listening in. Ah, what a feeling to find it. I heard it over and over again appreciating the way Mohd. Rafi sang this song - so passionately, so peacefully - living and breathing each word as he sang it.

The link for those who would like to hear a slow, romantic ballad:

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