Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Telangana bandh - 2 days Without Petrol

For two days now the petrol bunks have been shut in the twin cities in response to the Telangana bandh. I cannot remember any such precedent in the last thirty years or more - even during the infamous bandhs called by the naxalites when they held people in a sway of fear. The saga is pretty much the same today as it was yesterday - shops shut, autos fleecing people, buses off roads, government absent and conspicuous by its desire to stay off. Maybe if it has to be forced, the bandh better continue until a decision is reached. Indefinite bandh, as is being threatened anyway. Why take a break and slow down the momentum? That way we will get used to finding new ways to travel, maybe find alternate fuel even.

The Osmania University campus seems to have turned into a war zone going by the pictures in the newspapers. This was the campus where I spent 6 years of my life doing my Engineering and my MBA and carry many fond memories of. Seeing the young students protesting, rioting makes me wonder what will happen to their futures. This loss of innocence, this feeling of separation must have spread all over the campus, dividing students on the basis of their region. I am all for students getting into politics, having political opinions and activities. But what bothers me is the absence of student leaders, organizations in the forefront of this Telangana movement - only politicians and Professors who lead the students. Maybe there is a reason for that.

My concerns bother me more when I see how eager politicians are to get to the campus to show their solidarity with the students. It does not appear to me that the politicians have the welfare of the students in their mind - they appear to be using the students to further their cause which would be a severe injustice to the young students. Hopefully everyone will find and get what they want out of this and there will be a quick resolution that is best for all stakeholders, especially the people of the land. Any further political delays and maneouvres may backfire at this stage.

I hope the students get back on track after all this protracted battles and delays. For some reason or another, Hyderabad seems to be becoming a hub of education with some world class facilities coming up here. Students could benefit from such education and build bigger careers than were possible before.


Vetirmagal said...

Rightly so. It is better to have continuous bandhs, so that we are able to take it in our stride. One more is expected on 8th August.

Does anyone care? It is the very poor who are worst affected, and the leaders are fighting for their sake!!

Harimohan said...

Dear Vetrimagal,
This is like the thousand cuts punishment where they bleed you to slow death as opposed to the guillotine. Hope there is a solution to the issue soon so everyone can get on with their lives.