Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Police Story III - Enter Crime Branch

After the unhelpful and bullying methods of the Circle Inspector who refused to take complaints where the value and weight of the jewellery lost was mentioned, and where he was more inclined to believe that people should be more careful and make it difficult for robbers and also that people better not come to him for such affairs where they are to blame and not the police which has already put up notices on their Police Stations on how people should be careful and the police have thus discharged their duty and all this in a tone that appeared to insinuate that man, you guys got what you deserved and actually it looks slightly fishy how you have so much gold and money with you (when all you are talking of is a value of probably a 3-4 lakhs which my man servant had in his own little hut even) and maybe there is a case to investigate you but in the end with some call from someone he knew 'higher up' the reluctant CI finally became a little more helpful and agreed to file the FIR which prompted another gang of six members from the Crime Branch to come to the house and investigate but obviously four days had gone by now and the local PS had refused to take any fingerprints anyway saying that it was too difficult to get fingerprints off certain surfaces and so the Crime Branch went away wringing their hands and assuring the aggrieved and by now kind-of-bored party that unlike the police in movies they will do all they can and will ensure that the jewellery is recovered and we can all sing Jai Ho to these Crime Branch guys and only hope that the trail leads to where it should and all the guilty of commission and omission are brought to book especially after one has heard about a recent report in the Eenadu about a gang of jewellery thieves who have been reportedly caught in Secunderabad selling gold in the Regimental bazaar area in a case that was found to involve all the cops in that region from the constable upwards to the CI and even the ACP who were apparently getting 40% of the loot Jai Ho and now part IV of this story will come on when there is a breakthrough in this case and to the cynical me all suspicion is focussed on certain reluctant parties involved in this whole sordid affair with some quick help from someone close by who knew of the movements of the aggrieved party and so be it unless otherwise proved by the Crime Branch chaps who seem to be the probable saviours in this story!

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