Thursday, July 18, 2019

My Musical Notes - Queen 'The Game'

This is the first introduction to Queen and it was a solid one. It had terrific energy with songs like 'Dragon Attack', 'Another one bites the dust', 'Crazy little thing called love', 'Need your loving tonight' and others. My favourite was 'Another one bites the dust' followed by 'Dragon Attack'. 'Crazy Little thing called love' left enough impression to last a lifetime. Another of Mani's contributions to my musical growth. (Dragon attack) (Another one bites the dust) (Crazy little thing called love)

Queen, I have heard on so many occasions with my friends, myself. Favourite memory is listening to it on my hooked up system where I connected a tape recorder to our radio to increase the volume and played it loudly back in the 80s. Queen was always cool.

Years later I found another Queen fan in Sunil Jyothi who was another music friend of mine. Sunil loved Queen and Jetthrotull and introduced me to several new singers. Most impressive of that list was Supertramp but we can come there later.

This one dedicated to Mani.

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