Thursday, July 18, 2019

My Musical Notes - Little River Band 'No Reins'

1985. Choudary and I are at Chirag Ali Lane for some work of his after college. He takes me to this little shop that sells all sorts of stuff - including music. In this vague little shop I find an exotic collection. Like this one - a rare album by Little River Band 'No Reins'.

Little River Band was little known to me. The numbers I had heard of theirs till then were 'Man on my mind' and such which were completely different from this one which was a rock collection. Some fabulous numbers like 'Face in the crowd', 'Time for us', 'No reins on me', 'Thin ice' and 'How many nights'. 'Forever Blue' was a haunting number.

I just realised that it has John Farnham on vocals. (Face in the crowd) (No reins) (Time for us) (Thin ice!)

Not too many shared my enthusiasm at listening to Little River Band but it's one of my favorites and I listened to it alone many times. Biggest memory - finding that shop and going there with Choudary on his Bullet.

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