Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Anjali - Van Monitors

Anjali and Brahmani are the seniors in their school van. She spent a whole evening regaling me with the kind of problems the younger kids have. 'Akka, she took my pen,' or 'Akka, she called me a non-living thing,' or stuff like that. She imitates the younger kids and its hilarious.

While all the fun and stuff is good to laugh at, keeping them under control is a big thing for the two young ladies. The biggest problem is that the kids throw wrappers out of the window. They get a snack - chips or biscuits or whatever - eat and throw the wrapper out of the window.

The two monitors were unhappy with this and asked them not to throw wrappers out of the window. The young kids stopped throwing them out of the window and instead, starting throwing them inside the van. Which would have been okay if the van was cleaned on a daily basis. The van was not being cleaned.

'It's so dirty Nanna,' she complained.

I told her to complain to the transport in charge. So they dutifully went and complained to the in-charge. They listened promised action but nothing happened. The two ladies got down to the job and started cleaning up the van themselves. When I heard that I said that was fine, but they still needed the right person to do the job - so they complained again.  It worked. Now the van is clean and the kids are not throwing stuff out. Good job.

I like what responsibility does - I feel that after her van monitoring, she is being more aware of the little things - like stuff on the floor, her bed, her shoes, thanks to her experience with the younger kids.

Everyone should be given an opportunity to lead.

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