Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Anjali - Selling the Old Cycle

Anjali's old cycle has become too small for her. This was a fancy one with all the colors and trappings that we had bought five years ago. She learned to ride on it, had some fun times on it but these days finds it too small. She initially said she would like a new bike for her birthday but then she decided to go for a new one right away after a few days. We went to Decathlon and bought her a new one. This one looks sleek, fast and has big wheels. It's just a little taller for her and she has to reach down with her toes - but she is happy with it and it flies like the wind.
New bike (2019)
Now, what do we do with the old cycle? One of the ideas apart from our regular 'give it away' plan was to sell it on OLX, an idea I dropped. She caught on to the idea - and forced me to sign up on OLX. Seeing my reluctance she took my phone and in five minutes I was registered and we needed to upload photos.

'Let's clean it up,' I said. 'So it looks good in the picture.' She got a cloth, some water and I sat down and started cleaning it up. Suddenly I noticed what a beautiful bike it was with its colored wheels and stuff and as I cleaned it some more, it really started to look good.

'I cannot believe that I am taking care of it now before we sell it,' I said. 'I never took as much care when it was with us. Maybe that is what we do with all things in our life.'
It was harsh, and the reality sunk into both of us.
'Don't say things like that,' said Anjali. 'I feel really bad.'
Old bike (2015)
I know, I felt bad too. Not so much about the bike as much as the realisation. I remembered a vague story I had read somewhere - about this poor woman who dies penniless, hungry and homeless and after her death the local moneylender and others get some money together and give her a good funeral including new clothes etc. No one cares for her when she was alive.

The moment will stay with me and hopefully I will be more careful with what I have, and treat them better, before its time for them to go.

Funnily, I have not sold the bike on OLX despite a few calls. I don't think I will. I like the idea that Anjali got that business figured out quickly, registered etc but I feel that my biggest learning is from this - to take care of it when it is with me.

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