Thursday, July 18, 2019

Anjali - My Pens are My Best Friends

'This is my fourth pen this year Nanna,' said Anjali. She was very excited indeed. I have no doubt that it must be her fourth pen what with the amount of homework she does these days.

'I love my pens,' she continued. 'They are my best friends. I even remember all their names. The first one was a Papersoft, Glow, Czee and Czee again.'

I remember seeing a Sachin Tendulkar interview when he was fifteen and the journalist (my good friend Jagannath Das) asked him who his best friend was and he said 'my bat'. I also remember the Olympic trainee Ellakiya Dasan telling me that his best friend is the track, his shoes. There is something nice about people who see everything as a relationship and then the bat, the track, the pen starts working with them.

I have never had such an attitude but I do love the fact that Anjali has. 

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