Thursday, July 18, 2019

Anjali - Father's Day!

Father's Day is big in Anjali's school and there have been occasions when I went and spoke to the children about some topic of my choice. So for her it is a big day. I never knew that there was a Father's Day when I was in school.

Every year there is a nice card and a hug from Anjali on the special morning and I love the care and detail and thought that goes into it. Reminds me of my mother who would similarly get happy about my birthday and give me an apple and a hug. Though it is not a big deal for me, it is for her.

But this year I had to go to Pune on an emergency - a somber occasion of a young relative who passed away. The mood was upset and I was tired after a hectic journey. But when I returned in the morning I found this lovely card waiting for me with a beautiful message.

Thank you Anjali. I loved the card, the care and thought and love you put into making it. I especially liked the drawing of us both with our googly eyes and those perfect expressions. It is one of the best gifts I could ever get from my most special daughter.

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