Friday, July 26, 2019

Just Look Up - Sadhana Ramchander

Sadhana writes lovely books. They are rooted in life, in nature, and have a quality of stillness about them. By the end of the book you are taken to a space that you experienced in your childhood, of wonder, of being secure, of hope, of being small and being fine with the world being bigger and letting it take over. It's a beautiful thing to do that with your work.

Anyway while working on the book 'The Renaissance Man' she gifted a copy of this book that she wrote, to Anjali. 'Just look up' is about the trees around us. A lovely introduction with beautiful pictures, poems, quotes, trivia and facts. I saw Anjali looking through it the other day and I picked it up today to read it - and loved it. Just as I loved going through the other book she had gifted me 'Hyd and Seek'.

So we look up and are introduced to 28 trees that we see in and around Hyderabad mostly - the Kadamb tree, Badminton Ball tree, African Tulip tree, Flame of the Forest, Rain tree, Coral bead tree, Scalet cordia, Siris tree, Skunk tree, Badam, Gulmohur, Copper pod, Tree jasmine, Bakula, Pink trumpet tree, Tree of gold, Red casia, Jacaranda, Indian laburnum, Banyan, Sandalwood, Peepal, Orchid tree, Temple tree, Queen crape myrtle, Cannon ball tree, Sausage tree and Baobab. With interesting facts and photographs and details where the pictures had been taken - Necklace road, Sanjeevaiah park, Indira park etc.

It's a compact book of 72 pages with lovely pictures and content. She recommends two videos to watch 'The private life of plants' by Richard Attenborough and 'The Inconvenient Truth' by Al Gore.

I was happy to read her blog at the same time. It's so well written, and so complete. Again, that element of stillness comes through and one realises that she does that with all her work. I read her blog about her badminton days, tree walks, read. While reading her blog I realised she conducts tree walks - to introduce children and adults to these wonderful trees. I'm planning to go with Anjali on one. She includes the book - so one can buy it and get it signed by the author as well.
For more information on the tree walks write to Sadhana at or to There's one at Women's College Koti tomorrow morning at 630 pm.

Sadhana's other books - 'Autorickshaw Blues and other colours' is published by Katha and is really beautiful. The other book of hers, with Lakshmi Prabhala's photographs is called 'Hyd and Seek' and its a wonderful coffee table book about Hyderabad from a different lens.

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