Thursday, July 18, 2019

My Musical Notes - Bread's Greatest Hits

This was a tape Mani gave me when we were in school perhaps. Maybe early 1980s. Mani was not too possessive about his cassettes unlike some of us. He also listened with a marginal interest - not obsessively like I did. So it stayed with him for all these years. It was the first time I heard Bread. They had a different sound, soft and soulful. Very fragile.

Bread was an LA based band which made its music in the late 60s on. Their best number was for me 'If'. Nice lyrics. I shared this one song with all the girls I felt something for. Sharing music was big for me - it was letting that person in. Many a night I have played this cassette and dozed off listening to the soft music of Bread. (If) (Make it with you) (Guitar man) (Sweet Surrender)

I loved the sound. It fit a particular mood. No one ever asked to shut Bread off when I played it. It seemed to have some haunting quality to it.

Thank you Bread for the wonderful moments. Dedicated to Mani.

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