Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Money is Not the Problem, You Are - Gary M. Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer

Gary says money is not the problem, you are. The problem is about your receiving and that also means you are the solution. Ask the question - so what's it going to take for me to show up in my life? Gary says the natural state of the universe is abundance and one must be in tune with it to receive it.

Gary says - stop saying 'I can't afford it'. Be ok with paying taxes, pay bills even when you are with someone richer than you are, carry enough money in your pocket that makes you feel rich (don't spend it), tithe yourself 10% upfront,

Ask yourself the question - what would it take for - to show up? How does it get any better than this? What makes me perceive, know, be and receive that would allow me to -? Say - All of life comes to me with ease and glory and joy.

He says live life in 10-second windows so you make the right decisions. He says destroy and uncreate your life every day. Get up and go and have fun every day, celebrate every day.

He says bring your personal vision to whatever you are doing to make it fun. Ask the universe to help. Use your talents to create money (normally your talents are things that come easy to you, stuff you do for free). He says look at who you have to be if you're going to be successful.

Gary has strong views on negative people - he calls them ELFs and rattlesnakes. Keep away. 

He says people who are doing sales need a barrier. Don't give them a barrier and they have no sales.

He has this concept of pulling energy - when somebody owes you money, pull energy form them and let a trickle go back and they can't stop thinking about you.

Learn to receive he says. Judgment limits your capacity to receive. What are you absolutely unwilling to receive? Instead, do being give and take he says be gifting and receiving.

Visualise money coming at you from all directions.


  • Put away 10% of all you get
  • Carry lots of money in your pocket-dont spend ti
  • Do not judge yourself
  • Live life in 10 second increments - you get a lot of clarity
  • Use energy flows
  • Start paying attention to wht you are creating - if its not nice first acknowledge that you must love it, you don't know why but okay, I love it
  • Live in the question -questions empower, answers dis-empower
  • When money shows up ask - how can it get better than this
  • Say the mantra - all of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory
  • Decide that no matter what, you won't buy into the old point of view again
  • Celebrate every day  

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