Monday, February 11, 2019

Anjali - At 11

It's almost half and year gone since Anjali's 11th birthday. We did half of this interview - four months ago with the idea of completing it. But I guess it's complete in its own way. So publishing it.

Q. How do you think you changed at 11?
A. I think I am more conscious of how I am with others if I am being rude. Trying not to be impatient. Try not to hurt others. Sometimes we say it without meaning it but they get hurt. Just feel more conscious.

Q. Why is that?
A. I think people are more worried about others opinion, looks. More sensitive.
One day I watched myself - what I was sayingShout a lot! So decided not to do that. Interrupting.

Q. When did you do this?
A. A month ago.

Q. Anything triggered this?
A. Nothing really.

Q. What are the other changes you are noticing?
A. I think everyone is more irritable. Frustrated. Sensitive. Growing up. Changing.

Q. What are the advantages of growing up?
A. Adults take you more seriously. When you are young they find you cute. But they don't take you seriously.
When I talk to children under 10  they say so many things that are wise but no one listens to them
Now my opinion is counted. People ask us what we think. Teachers ask us about our programs.

Q. What are the disadvantages?
A. It's a little silly. Plabo. I feel I am too big to play at Plabo. I feel like doing them sometimes but we are too big.
People expect us to be mature, responsible, well mannered. I feel we are still kids. Not that big yet.

Q. Any big learning last year?
A. Just before my birthday, I started understanding that we should treat them how I'd like to be treated. Like little kids, need to give them a voice. Had great ideas when I was young, thoughts, questions, ideas. No one takes you seriously. When I am kinder they will be kind back to me.

Q. Any interesting experiences?
A. Time with Niveditha aunty at Wild Waters. Visit to Indore, Bangalore. Learning the waveboard. Going for cricket and shuttle coaching.

Q. Any interesting new people or friends?
A. Gautami aunty and Vanathi aunty. Rigvida.

Q. Any new things you did?
A. Fundraiser with Niveditha aunty. It was an event to raise money for her maid's kid's education. There was lots of food and fun activities.

Q. New authors and books this year?
A. I read R.K. Narayan,  Harry Potter, Great Expectations (started)

Q. Who is your favorite author?
A. You.

Me. Haha, but you never read any of my books except This Way Is Easier Dad. But pick any other author.

A. Anant Pai of Amar Chitra Katha. Roald Dahl.

Q. The best gift you got this year?
A. The big daughter card that you and Mamma made. Amazing. Lots of things said about me.

Q. Describe yourself as an 11-year-old?
A. Curious. Energetic. Always want to do something. restless. Studying. Feel ready for anything. Stable. Artistic (art creations, sketching, painting)

Q. What's the new thing?
A. Wave board. Also never liked my earlier paintings before. I like the new paintings.

Q. Are you more comfortable with adults now or before?
A. Same.

Q. How are your friends now that you are all 11?
A. Everyone opened up much more than ever before. Talk to me. Forming a close bond with all my classmates. We are all becoming one unit. We feel we can tell whatever we feel.

Q. How are the teachers and the school?
A. There is a lot of focus on morals and values. More valuable than knowledge. They pay attention and correct us wherever they can.

Q. Happiest moment?
A. Waveboard.

Q. Any movies that caught your attention?
A. DDLJ for the first time. Thought there would be more.

Q. New foods?
A. Potato spiral in the Telangana Food Festival.

Q. Any idea about politics?
A. Not exactly. Reading through papers. Have a general idea. What I think is that politicians promise a lot to get votes and don't execute. Recently I read about corruption. It's cheating. Buying votes.
The politicians' job is to serve the common man. I feel it is less of that. I feel politicians are there for the money and fame.
I know there are a few main parties. we learned about the majority - mergers. Read a lot of pre-history. It is quite interesting. People were intelligent. Without technology, they did so much. As in a practical way. The Mauryan empire was so careful about cutting trees, They would fine them.
Now with everything we still cannot stop cutting trees, have plastic. How are we smarter than them?

Good point Anjali. How are we better than them?
Anyway that interview ended on a rather abrupt note for some reason. So I will treat it as complete and get down to the 11 and a half year old interview soon.
Thanks Anjali. 

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