Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Anjali - What If Someone Says There Is Something Wrong With Me

Anjli asked what one was to do if someone implied that there was something 'wrong' with her. I guessed it was about some tiff with a friend. It was obviously important to know if it was true.

Firstly I guess there is nothing 'wrong' with anyone. It's some behavior that others do not like or approve of. They could find something 'wrong' about us because we do not agree with them.

But then we cannot fully live so we are 'liked' by others.

Anjali said that if they were really her friends they will accept her as she is. Everyone has something that does not fully fit with others. And if they feel something is wrong with her why should she put up with them?

Fair enough, I said.

'I read somewhere about toxic friendships. They damage your self-esteem,' she said. Whoa!

I guess that's a measure of the relationship. Is it making you feel empowered or is it making you feel less? For everyone involved. In which case I guess one has to move to a place where they feel more empowered. More expansive.

I guess the old saying that relationships should be equal to make sense holds.

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