Tuesday, February 5, 2019

An Unshakable Mind - Rhyuho Okawa

Tenzin was carrying this book and I browsed through a bit. Since he was browsing through another book 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff' I borrowed it for a bit longer. Okawa is a Japanese spiritual leader and the founder of 'Happy Science. He had dedicated this life to the Truth and ways to happiness. In  1987 he established the IRH Press and since then has published 800 books.

The short book of 117 pages tells the reader how to possess an unshakable mind, which in turn will lead to a state f happiness. He advises the reader to aim to become as stable as an iceberg. This state can be built by reading books and acquiring knowledge, following role models and so on. The purpose of education is to create strong foundations for people. Knowledge of basics helps us to apply the fundamentals everywhere. Keep sharpening the saw even as you grow older. The stability that one gets by accumulating wisdom will stand you in good stead.

When you find a problem that's troubling you he says - find out what the problem is trying to teach you and the lessons you need to learn. Don't run away. There is a meaning in everything.

When you try to accumulate anything be aware of the importance of routine. What you do every day determines what you become. Improve the quality of stuff you do every day and you will become what you are doing. He stresses on not looking for approval of others in this world and the next. He urges readers to pass on what they learned and not store it. Use what you have accumulated for the joy and happiness of others.

He looks at confronting anxiety and distress. When distressed, first look whether the cause of your suffering is in trying to find happiness outside of yourself which is normally the case.  Worry happens when you look outside and not inside. He says when you are facing sleepless nights, fill them with action, with things to do, even for the mind. Don't indulge in self-pity - walk strongly and steadily forward every day.

He talks about negative influences of stray spirits and how they cannot enter someone who is happy and cheerful, who has no attachments and whose hearts are filled with light. Vengeful spirits are those that hate you - he says when confronted with such people, repent and convey the truth you have understood directly to them. What stray spirits hate most is the right way of living - the right view, right speech, right effort, right mindfulness, right thought. So practice that life.

Whatever adversity you face, treat it as a hammer to temper and forge you.  Believe that no matter what, you will be able to overcome it. Immerse yourself in work and soon you will find that all that happened was for your own good.

Okawa says - act like a child of god - carry out his work in the way it should be carried out. Boundless goodwill is necessary to eliminate the problems that arise in human relationships. Decide that you want to live to make others happy, and just give. Do not expect anything in return.

Simply put. Easily understood. 

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