Monday, February 4, 2019

Lady Windermere's Fan - Oscar Wilde

A rather long-winded plot but it has such sharp dialogue that you can't get enough of it. Some of Wilde's best lines seem to have come from the play and razor-sharp wit flows generously replete with a wonderful understanding of life.

Lady Windermere's birthday present from her devoted husband is a fan. As she is settling down to a dance party that evening to celebrate her birthday a lady pops in and tells her that her husband Lord Windermere is seeing a lady of rather dubious character who has half of London wrapped around her finger. Not just that, Lord Windermere is paying out handsome chunks of money to her.

Lord Windermere walks in after the lady leaves and tells Lady Windermere that she must invite Mrs Erlynne. A quick check of his books shows payments made to her. Lady Windermere threatens to hit Mrs. Erlynne with the fan if she shows up. But she does not. Mrs. Erlynne walks in, flirts with all concerned and goes away.

An upset Lady Windermere walks off. Mrs. Erlynne follows her and patches up things. Turns out in the end that Lady Erlynne is Lady Windermere's mother - a fact she does not know and one she keeps secret. Mrs. Erlynne marries well and goes away from England to live in peace.

Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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