Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's the Effect You Have On People - Inspired by Jim Carrey's Video

Among the many wonderful lines in Jim Carrey's 'Dream Up a Good Life' is this line - 'the effect you have one people is the most valuable currency you have'.

It's profound. Never thought of things that way.

I thought of the effect I have on people. Some are happy, some are not. Some see me as positive and some see me as negative. It's a middling response that I evince. And I am responsible for that. Alright - good awareness.

I asked the class the same question - what's the effect you have on people? They started with not so great to ok to some are happy.

I changed the question, to - what's the best effect you could leave people with?

Now the answers were - satisfied, with a smile, happy etc.

Could we calibrate it higher? Blank looks.

We categorised the effect we have on people into four types  -
1) where people absolutely run away from us (total energy drains)
2) where they are ok - sometimes happy and sometimes not (good at times)
3) where we leave them happy (generally look forward to meeting)
4) where we leave them with a feeling of WOW (leave them wanting more of you)

To get into the Wow space, we need to give and give. We need to be thoughtful. We need to think of that person and what he needs and give it that - words, acts etc. The performance must be carefully orchestrated and delivered. It needs planning, preparation and commitment. They need to know you made that effort.

If we keep that Wow as the end result - stranger, colleague, client, spouse, sibling, parent - we can transform ourselves perhaps. A salesperson and client surely will benefit. A business and customer will benefit. A performer and his audience will benefit. In fact all relationships will benefit. 

It's not a bad idea to look actively to create that Wow in all relationships. It's the creation of something beautiful - like the sunrise or the sunset - to which we are drawn everyday.

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