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Dhammapada - Book Review

The Dhammapada is a collection of sayings by the Buddha in verse form. Some thoughts.

Contrary ways
Our life is a creation of our mind. Our thoughts create our reality. Think thoughts that are free from hate. Hate is conquered by love. We're here to live in harmony. If we speak a few holy words and live those words, free from passion, hate and illusion, with right vision and a free mind, life is holiness.

It is the path of immortality.  Be ever-watchful in joy. One who remembers his high purpose, whose work is pure, who carefully considers his work, who is watchful, shall rise in glory. Watchfulness is a treasure. One who is watchful is near Nirvana.

The Mind
Straighten it as you would an arrow. A mind self-controlled is a source of great joy. Guard it well. A well directed mind can do great good.

The Flowers of Life
The wise student shall find Dhammapada as a man who searches for flowers finds beautiful flowers. He who knows that this body is the foam of a wave, the shadow of a mirage, he follows his path. As the bee takes the essence of a flower and flies away without destroying its beauty and perfume, so let the sage wade in this life. Think of your sins, of things you have done and not done. Fruitless are the words of a man who speaks them but does them not, just as a flower has beauty and color but no perfume. The perfume of good reaches heaven.

The Fool
If you cannot find one better or as good as yourself, travel alone. A fool cannot help you on your journey. You don't own even yourself.  He who thinks he is wise, is really the fool. What you sow must bear sweet fruits. Without striving for reputation, let him strive after freedom.

The Wise Man
He tells you your faults as if they were a hidden treasure, ho shows you the dangers of life. If you follow him you will see good. Let him admonish and restrain. Have friends who have a beautiful soul. The wise control their minds - by making channels. The wise man is not shaken by praise or blame. He puts righteousness before his own success. He who surrenders the bondage of attachments, free from the darkness of passions, he enjoys the immortal Nirvana.

Infinite Freedom
Control senses as a good driver controls his horse. Be free from passions and pride, be admired even by the gods. be calm like the earth, steady like a column, pure like a lake. His thoughts and words an work are at peace. Do not carry the burden of desires.

Better than a thousand
Conquering oneself is greater than conquering a thousand. Living in wisdom, deep contemplation, virtue, courage, powerful striving, seeing one's own immortality is better than a hundred years lived otherwise.

Good and evil
Make haste and do whats good. It keeps your mind away from evil. Don't repeat wrongs, sins. repeat good. A man who has no evil cannot be hurt by evil.

Never speak harsh words. Your anger is peace. Be pure from doubts and desires. Do not hurt with weapons those who are harmless and pure.

Beyond life
If a man tries not to learn, he grows old like an ox. With no wisdom. Those who in their youth did not lie in self-harmony and who did not gain the true treasure of life, suffer.

If a man holds himself dear, let him guard himself well. Let him find first what is right now and then he can teach to others. When the master and the servant are one, there is true help and self possession. It is easy to do what is wrong, to do what is hard for oneself. But it is difficult to do what is right, what is good for oneself. The pure and impure come from oneself not another. See the good of your soul and fill it with earnestness.

Arise! Watch
Walk the right paths. For joy in this world and the next. Look at the world as a bubble of froth. Overcome the evil you have done with good after wards. Men who are strong conquer evil. Noble men find joy in generosity. Enter the river of life.

The Buddha
No earthly path can entice the Buddha. He is awake and watchful. To be born as a human s a great event. His life is ever striving. Keep the mind pure. This is the teaching of Buddha. Not to hurt by deeds or words, When desire goes, joy comes.

To live in joy, is to love amongst those who hate, be in peace amongst those who struggle. He who surrenders victory and defeat, he finds joy. There is no fire like lust. No evil like hate. No sorrow like disharmony. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest freedom.

Forsake anger
Give up anger, pride. Overcome anger by peacefulness, evil by good, meanness by generosity, lies by truth.Speak truth, yield to anger, give what you can to who asks.
No man can escape blame.

Hasten and strive
Remove impurities. prepare to die. Greatest sin is that of ignorance. Greediness and vice bring suffering. You must find the inner path. There is no path in the sky.

Calmly consider right and wrong. Face different opinions with truth, non violence and peace. Do work rightly, free from sin. Freedom from envy, greed and deceit. Reject the laws of flesh.

Forsake small pleasures. Have faith and virtue and you have glory and treasure. He who can be alone and not alone, can live in joy.

In darkness
Better to do nothing than to do what is wrong.

Endure alone and in peace. Train yourself. Find joy in watchfulness. Uplift yourself. Find good friends. Better be alone than have a fool for a companion.

Whosoever overcomes cravings, his sorrows all fall away from him.

The Monk
Control the senses, body, words, mind, hands, feet. There should be no jealousy. Don't despise what you receive. Cut off selfishness, doubt. Cherish faith, watchfulness, energy.

The Brahmin
A brahmin - who is beyond fear and is free. who is pure and in peace, free from passions. He who hurts not with his thoughts, words and deeds. Words that are peaceful, useful and true. Words that don't offend.

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