Monday, May 23, 2016

The Paradoxes of Our Lives - To Emerge, You Must Learn to Merge

I like the way language is made. I like the way the great communicators use language to communicate in catch words, riddles and funny turns of phrase. Most times, one word, often the opposite of what one wants, provides a twist to the story. And it comes in such a way that we are left clappig our hands like Alia Bhatt in the MMT ad.
To emerge, merge

Like in - to emerge, you must first merge.

I was wondering how if, we were all parts of a universal soul, trying to find separation and in the process knowing and growing, the big lesson is probably to merge with the universal soul. To completely let go of the ego and of ideas of separation and merge. In doing so, that we emerge.

Merging with the work, with the idea, the client - is about giving it everything. It is about really understanding the situation.

When we merge, it is easy to emerge.

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