Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thought for the Day - To Get More of Anything, Be Present To It

To get more of anything, we need to be present to it. The more fully present we are, the more we get of that experience.
We Have What We Have - That's Rich (Pic courtesy Shobha Nargundkar)

For example, if I want more of an experience, let's say drinking water or eating a piece of cake, I need to be present to the water or cake that I have. I need to be aware of it, enjoy it while I have whatever I have. That is the only way that the experience gets enhanced.

But if I start worrying about how someone has more water or cake, or how my water or piece of cake will run out, my present experience gets smaller. I will have less of whatever I have.

I could apply it to money. Or love.

It's what we feel about the present that makes us rich. And secure.

If we have this feeling of things running out, we will never be rich in our thoughts. If we cannot be rich in our thoughts, the plot is lost.

Be present.