Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mysore - Visiting R.K. Narayan's House

On the way back home we took a diversion and went to see RK Narayan’s house in Yadavagiri. I do like these little pilgrimages - Mussoorie was about Ruskin Bond, Mysore had to be about RKN. The good GPS tracked it and we found it quite easily. You have to travel up from the Railway museum and turn right and its right there.
Under renovation

It was being done up by the government and some laborers (a pretty young lady who spoke Telugu told me that some government work was going on and that people come by to take pictures etc).
The driveway to the garage
I remembered seeing a picture of the circlular room in the front, reminiscent of the 60s style homes. Anjali and I asked them if we could walk around, walked in, imbibed the place, took a few pics.
The circular room 
In a year or two it will be a lovely museum I am sure and I would like to come by again then. I read almost all his books. Surprisingly missed the 'Guide'. Need to read it and watch the movie. Fantastic writing.
A view from the gate
His autobiography is equally fascinating - his attempts to contact his wife's spirit through that spirit writing (forgot what it was called but one Telugu gentleman introduces him to it and it works).

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