Saturday, May 21, 2016

Anjali - Book Review and Favorite Extracts

Book review: 125 true stories of amazing pets

Hey everyone ! how you doing this book is awesome!
This book shows how in some ways pets can teach you stuff. But it also contains crazy stuff.

Okay, so I liked all of them obviously I cannot tell you all 125 of them so I’m telling you my favorite three tales from the book.

Guys, what is in red is what I liked about the story
What is in blue is what I learnt from the story

1.    Pooch saves family
Hercules the Saint Bernard didn’t take long to say “thank you” to his new family for adopting him. The pooch has been at home for only six hours when he saved his owners from being robbed.

The canine’s caretakers put him in the backyard to play. Immediately, the dog sensed something wrong: He noticed a burglar tying to break into the basement. Growling, the dog leaped off the back porch and bolted toward the intruder. The thief began running with Hercules bounding behind. The dog chased the robber until the man disappeared over the backyard fence.We are amazed how quickly the dog became loyal to us”.   Says owner Lee Littler.

2.    Dog becomes archaeologist


Migaloo the dog has a real nose for history. She’s known as the world’s first canine archaeologist, using her powerful sniffer to find buried ancient remains.

“This work is a game for my canine” says owner Gary Jackson “when she arrives at an archaeological site she immediately starts sniffing the ground for bones”. The four year-old pooch trained for six months before she got her job. Now, Migaloo regularly joins excavation teams to search for remains of Australia’s first inhabitants, the Aborigines. Migaloo also has some cool moves” When she finds an old discovery, she does a victory dance”.

3.    Naughty dog buys stuff

Christine Payne and Greg Strope had a mystery to solve. An email confirmed that $62.50 purchase of 5,000 Xbox points. The problem was they hadn’t bought a thing. They searched for clues and found the game controller on the floor, covered with bite marks and dried slobber. Also at the scene was likely: Oscar the dog. Turns out Strope had left the tempting controller on the coffee table, and Oscar; the Labrador/hound mix couldn’t resist. He chewed until he turned on the video game and clicked through the screens, accidently buying points on the system. “He was a puppy, so he would chew anything he could reach: shoes, clothes, paper,” Payne says. In the end, the video game company refunded the money and for fun, set up the pooch with his own screen name: Oscar the K9.

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