Saturday, May 28, 2016

Thought for the Day - It's How You Do What You Do Now That Decides How Big An Effect You Have

When we do things creatively now, we move to greater spaces, higher levels. To create requires energy. Energy can be summoned by sheer intent, by approach.

By thoughtfulness and by love.

To see external validation, a constant cheer leading team, and even to know if one is in the flow, all one has to see is look at the reactions from all whom we meet. If we get an ecstatic reaction (like a Wow) we know we have given our best.

Else there is work to be done. We can make up our mind and find the way.

In small things - the right word, the right gift, the right vibe.

It's the best way to shed inhibitions, to get over lack of clarity and courage. By keeping an eye on the external and looking to create that reaction, we get into the practice of creating an energy we have restrained. We can now harness and give freely. We can give unconditionally to everyone, irrespective of their reactions.

In time we realise that its not so much the reaction as the quality of creative energy that changes.

It changes the quality of everything. It paves the way for greater things easily. It attracts stuff of greater energy to you.

We can never do anything great if we cannot do great things with what we're doing now.

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