Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kabhie Kabhie - Movie Review

I love this poster. It reminds me of the days in the 70s and 80s when Hyderabad had these huge hand painted posters on large hoardings. Most posters were good but some painters entirely distorted the lead actors faces and features (you get a general idea in the pic). But one thing the hand painted posters had was drama. Huge hoardings - I prefer those any day to the new slick printed ones.

Anyway this is one of the few Bachchan movies that slipped past me. Those days we'd watch all his movies religiously. Perhaps because of this movies look as well - old heroes and heroines, mustachioed Amitabh etc. This Yash Chopra was a risk taker and an incurable romantic. I feel he would have liked my story 'If You Love Someone..'

The movie is full of twists and turns. Amit, a poet meets Raakhee in college and they fall in love. Song. Raakhee's parents however get her married to Shashi Kapoor who is a successful architect. Amit, as poets are perhaps wont to do, gives up poetry, withdraws, becomes bitter with life and becomes materialistic and unfeeling. Shashi Kapoor and Raakhee have a daredevil son Rishi Kapoor who falls in love with Neetu Singh. Neetu Singh is the daughter of Parikshit Sahni ji and Simi Garewal ji. Parikshit is Shashi's doctor. While they are all happy at this nice coincidence (Shashi all the more so because he feels he can now flirt with the doctor's wife openly..) Neetu is also told that she is not their real daughter. Neetu Singh is now consumed by the one thought of meeting her real mother. Her real mother turns out to be Waheeda Rehman who is married to Amitabh Bachchan and guess what - they have a girl who is poetically named Sweetie. Now, after hearing that, one can believe that Amit ji is totally cut off from poetry.

While Waheeda knows of her daughter's existence and is shocked at her sudden appearance, Amit and Sweetie do not. For some reason Neetu ji stays back in their house doing secretarial work for Amit ji when she should in fact have been doing kitchen work for Mummy ji and getting bad vibes from Sweetie. Vicky now comes to the scene, exhorted by his dad to follow his love. While following his love he also has to deal with Sweetie who feels that no one loves her - father loves no one, mother loves Neetu ji and Rishi loves Neetu ji.

Shashi ji meanwhile finds that Amit ji and Raakhee ji have a past and is unhappy for a while. Amit ji finds that Waheeda had a past and is even more unhappier than normal. Sweetie finds Rishi ji is having a present and tries to kill herself. In a dramatic climax Sweetie heads off into a dynamite infested land where dynamites keep blowing off every two minutes, on a horse. She is chased by Rishi ji on a horse, Amit ji and Neetu ji in a jeep and Shashi ji on a bike. Sweetie heads into a burning forest and is saved in the nick of time. Neetu and Sweetie reconcile. Amit and Shashi reconcile. Amit and Waheeda reconcile. Everyone reconciles and it ends in a marriage between Rishi and Neetu where all the old flames (save Waheeda's old flame who actually goes up in flames because his plane catches fire) meet, making for a more than interesting sequel. With so many possibilities and such hot blooded old people anything is possible.

What a movie. What songs. What fun.

But seriously - the movie is all about four oldies with a past. One young couple - ok one and a half. Takes something to make a movie like that. Question for readers: Who is the only person not addressed as ji in this whole blog? What is her real name? Why was she named Sweetie? Who named her? Also, why was Neetu ji named Pinky?

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