Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Asterix - The Mansions of the Gods

The heroes from the one tiny village in Gaul that the mighty Roman empire could not conquer are back. Caesar is brooding as usual as he watches the games at the Arena. He hatches a plan to entice the simple people of the village with the pleasures of the Roman life. He sends an architect Squareonhypotenuse to build lovely Roman mansions near the village. Then he sends Roman civilians to occupy the mansions knowing that the Gauls would not hurt civilians. All this is not easily done because Dogmatix is not fond of people cutting down trees. But the architect with the long name is not one to give up easily either.

The Roman civilians come in droves and infect the peaceful countryside. They cause prices to go up and pollute the minds of the villagers. Caesar's plan seems to be working when the entire village moves to the mansions. Getafix the druid and Obelix are captured (Obelix is tasting hunger for the first time!). Asterix is the last surviving warrior guarding the village against the might of the Roman empire and he does not have a drop of magic potion left. All he has is his courage and his wits until he can get some help. And help he gets when Caesar unwittingly aids them by throwing away all the food in the dungeons where a hungry Obelix is waiting for a morsel.

The 3D effects are great. It started well for me, seemed to lose energy a bit but ended up well enough again. Anjali loved it and laughed out loud many times. But what made it most interesting were the whispers in the beginning when grown people kept saying - Dogmatix, Obelix, Asterix, Vitalstatistix etc. Popular bunch they are. If you've liked them, must see.

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