Sunday, February 28, 2016

Diana - Movie Review

Naomi Watts does not look like Princess Diana at all. Despite the hairstyles and clothes. The movie picks up post separation from Prince Charles. It heads into her romance with Dr. Hasnat Khan. The romance is shown well as Hasnat Khan mentors her with his ideas on how one should 'improvise' It's a mature romance but Hasnat Khan realises he will have no future as a surgeon if he marries her and they break it off.

Diana does not take to this kindly. It's said that Dr. Khan was the love of her love. It appears then that she gets into a relationship with Dodi to get back at Hasnat and make him jealous. While doing good work on the removal of land mines and other causes, she also helps some parts of the press to plant her escapades with Dodi. Somehow, the fateful day, she misses a call from Hasnat, and dies in the fatal crash.

The romance between Khan and Diana comes across well. Otherwise its a forgettable movie. Another old people's romance - Khan with a large paunch as well. Must relook my selection of movies now. Why am I watching old people's romances now?

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