Friday, June 20, 2014

The ThanX Experiment - A Thank You Exchange

While waiting idly in the car yesterday I got an idea. I decided to randomly thank someone. So I sent off three 'Thank you' messages to people I know.

One called back instantly. 'What for? he asked. 'Just being you.' I said. He was flustered. 'What does that mean? Am I missing something here? Did I do you some favor without realising it?' We laughed about it. 'For all these years huh,' he said. 'Yes, whatever,' I said. 'Thanks.'

'For what?' came the second message. 'Simply.' 'Wow! Thanks,' came the reply.

The third did not reply.

I sent off five today. One call came almost instantly. 'For what?' 'For being you,' I said. 'That's nice,' he said. I liked the idea.'
'Pass it on,' I said.

'For what?' was the message.
One reply was about some random thing for which he assumed I was thanking him. I corrected that saying it was for just being.

Three did not reply. Probably thought it was a wrongly sent message.

I found it pretty nice to be in a place where I can thank someone just for being who they are and what they did in my life. I liked the reactions too. I decided to do this every day.
Maybe you could try it too. Its fun.

Then I got an idea. What if there was a ThanX - a thank you exchange. I just send a random 'Thank you' to the universe to express my gratitude. For every random thank you that the ThanX gets, it sends a thanks to a random mobile number as an sms. Thanks for being part of this.
Good idea huh!

Meanwhile all you who are viewing this - a huge, heartfelt thank you to all of you too. For just being who you are. For adding much joy in my life. You don't know how much of a difference you make. ThanX!


Madhav said...

Hey Hari,

Thank you for this Blog.

Harimohan said...

Thanks Madhav. A big one for you mate.

Dr. Seven said...

Thanks, Hari!

Harimohan said...

Thanks Doc Seven.