Thursday, June 12, 2014

After shocks, Power Cuts

On the day Telangana was announced, there were about 5 power cuts in our area. Until then there were no power cuts obviously - election season. Since then there have been so many more unscheduled power cuts, some lasting two or three hours. I have no clue why these power cuts are happening no does anybody else. Have all the guys who give us power gone off to the other land? Is it some conspiracy by some disgruntled employees? Why is this happening?
Who has stolen our power?

Anyway, I see no answers. Yesterday our already depleted water situation got further depleted. A thin trickle came through. For much shorter time. Our water tank, small as it is, was woefully short of water. We called the HMWS&SB chaps and ordered a water tanker (Your tanker has booked! announced the joyous tele calling machine). Only the tanker took about 30 hours to get home. 'We're fully booked,' said the tanker driver. 'We're doing 10-12 trips a day.' I asked him why the water supply was a trickle. 'Don't know,' he said. 'Even we are getting less water.'
Who has stolen our water?

Wonder what next? But whatever this is, it is not looking good right now. I hope this is corrected soon.


Rajendra said...

Shocking, and sad!

Harimohan said...

Yes Raja. Funnily no one is talking about it yet.