Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anjali - Who made winners and losers

I simply loved this. I was doing some work on the computer when Anjali came by all serious and asked if she could use the computer. She needed to google some answers.
I gave her the computer.
When i came back I see a page opened. I went one screen back and there is the google search bar with the question - who made winners and losers?

I asked her later what it was she wanted to know. She told me this.
'Me and Mansi were playing to day and she was beating me every game. I got so angry that I was losing and then I thought, who made all this winning and losing? I wanted to find out because I was very angry with him for making this and making me angry.'

Hmm. I wonder who made this too? Life would have been simpler otherwise. I agree with Anjali. 


Rajendra said...

IPL as we know it, and FIFA, that would be the end of them!

Anonymous said...

Long time since I commented..But for another perspective...maybe a perfect opportunity for a conversation about excellence, and using competition to spur oneself to learn new things, get better, and "win" at everything we do. From a Darwinian perspective - winning, in its many interpretations, appears to be a part of life, whether it is in sports, business, obtaining engineering seats, or being the best MBA program in the world.

Harimohan said...

Hi Anon,
Good thread to develop on. The dilemma between competing against the outside versus competing with the self has always bothered us. In the beginning the outside seems to make more sense because if the outside recognises your prowess, it might reward you with recognition, fame and other things tangible (which is the upside). The downside is that you start catering to the outside and what it likes and wants, to the probable detriment of your own growth, in your own manner.

So at some point the competition with the self could begin, which I believe can truly elevate and grow you in the true sense. You are no longer bound by the outside perspective of how good you are, you are only bound by your own. I think this has greater capability of growing you. But you need motivation, conviction and courage.

Beyond all this lies the aspect of just being I feel. Of being deeply immersed in the process and being one with it and enjoying that space. The result doe snot matter anymore. The process matters and it is hugely rewarding just being part of it. The quality of this aspect is probably the highest of all three because it comes from a sense of knowing, that all is perfect. It comes from the highest awareness, from stillness.

In the end it is perhaps the effortlessness with which one does it, the quality of the creation and how it leaves the creator that must be factors to judge. But having said that, the approach and the quality of work is perhaps a process of evolution.