Saturday, June 21, 2014

FIFA World Cup - Groggy eyes, Sleepless nights

I cannot keep the 230 am game out. I am somehow working everything around it now. But it's been worth waiting. Suarez was wonderful last night as Uruguay sent England packing. The English looked slightly toothless. Just as Chile looked so good as they sent the lacklustre Spain packing. Australia looked so impressive and its a pity they had to leave - they bring such a great attitude to the game. Mexico impressed as well.

True to my past form I have watched all the Brazil games so far. I enjoy watching France as well - last night the French were 3-0 ahead of the Swiss by half time. It was as embarrassing to watch as the 5-1 drubbing by Netherlands of Spain. Saw a bit of the Italy game against Costa Rico that the latter won and the Azurri looked solid and safe but never looked threatening during the time I saw. I did not see Mario Botticelli in action at all.

But what I saw were some weird hairstyles. Do these guys believe they become aerodynamic by chopping off the sides or growing hair only down the middle? Then most of them wear shoes of different colours too. I'd like to see what else they do to express themselves in their real  lives - purple homes, jazzed up cars and god knows what else.

As we move towards the last 16, one can spot the better prepared sides, the younger and sharper ones, going through. This is not a Cup for the old favorites. It is for the young, the quick and speedy.

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