Thursday, June 26, 2014

Job Interviews - Startup Realities

In a recent incident a few worthy MBAs applied for a job in a company owned by a friend of mine. He sent out five simple questions to check their proficiency in English and to test their thought process.
He got a prompt reply from one esteemed applicant.

'Same for you.'

The arrogance of it all. More and more of these applicants who cannot write a sentence without committing serious errors in spelling, usage and grammar, somehow seem to be riding this wave of entitlement where they feel they must get a job if they merely apply. You cannot question their ignorance, their immaturity, their lack of grasp on reality for which they may get offended as in this case.

Forget being grateful for an opportunity to work; these youngsters think they are doing a favor by being part of the unemployed force.

When will someone tell them the truth? I have seen youngsters who have done engineering and MBA struggling to name the President, the Prime Minister, the full form of MBA, in one case not knowing what a periodic table was (he probably thought it was some kind of antique furniture). The levels of ignorance, intelligence and maturity are abysmal and they seem to afflict the majority.

Of course there is a happy minority that is smart, intelligent and truly a pleasure to know and work with. What bothers is the attitude and approach of the rest - is there any hope that such an attitude combined with such ignorance will ever find in itself the will to turn around and get into an effort-based, growth-oriented mindset.

In my opinion this needs to be addressed quickly. Knowledge can be learned if the attitude and approach is right. But knowledge without the right attitude and approach can be dangerous and blow up in our faces. 


Anonymous said...

Speaking of check the last line of your first sentence..rely..reply..

Harimohan said...

Since corrected. Reply...reply...for...from...
Thanks for pointing it out. (Haven't checked the rest of the document yet..)