Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nagarjuna Sagar - In Pics

Was at Nagarjuna Sagar over the weekend at the Vijay Vihar resort of APTDC. Now this resort is on the left bank which falls in Telangana  and the other bank apparently falls in Andhra. The Vijay Vihar resort is one of the oldest properties and its a beautiful one with lots of spaces, lovely views, great rooms (needs some upkeep but still nice), a nice conference hall, swimming pool, a path down to the crocodile infested waters of the Krishna river and lovely lawns.
View of the Krishna river from the room
The first morning that I spent there Vasu and I walked down to the shore. Steep steps that got me worried but we made it down and he took some pics.
A glorious sunset

That same evening we went to the NS Tail Pond some distance away and I got some nice views of the sunset.
Lone fisherman in the tail pond
Th next day Vasu and I went for a longer walk at the river bank.
Vasu lit by the morning light
The rocks are sharp and jagged, the river lines are delineated well, the paths are made out neatly.
Peace on the bed of rocks or nails - they're sharp

We walked until we found a spot to rest, jagged rocks and all. There was a coracle there too.
Treasures under the coracle
A couple of nice trees at Vijaya Vihar.
Lovely banyan tree
That ends Nagarjuna Sagar in pics.


Rajendra said...

Nice. Is this where we'd stopped for lunch on our trip many years ago?

Harimohan said...

Yes. The one and only!