Friday, June 27, 2014

Suarez's Bite - FIFA World Cup 2014

Luis Suarez is someone I had heard of but had not seen much of. I saw him in the game against England and was mighty impressed. He is really good. Then I saw him in the game against Italy biting Chellini on his shoulder and taking a fall. The referee missed out on this play and continued the game despite Chellini showing his bite marks from Suarez.

Suarez is apparently a serial biter.

Later I learned that he has bitten opponents twice before. If he does this with opponents does he do this with other people too? In his words it is something that happens in the heat of the game and should not be taken seriously. I wonder if many people will buy that argument. Biting people, even if it coming out of extreme love, is certainly not acceptable unless the other person agrees to such overtures.

FIFA certainly did not think much of biting as a means to promote the sport of football. As we see the games football appears to be a mix of wrestling, pushing, shoving, kicking, butting, elbowing, embracing, pulling and some football thrown in once in a while. But biting is the limit said FIFA and sent home Suarez to contemplate on whether his impressive dental capabilities should now be put to other uses.

If nothing else, Suarez can advertise for strong teeth. Toothpaste companies should certainly queue up. Meanwhile I'd be most interested to know more about this man and his penchant for biting. Why he does it?
Where did he learn it? When does he think is the best place and time to deploy it? Most intriguing and interesting if you ask me.

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