Thursday, February 24, 2011

The World Cup

The best thing of this World Cup has been the performance put up by the Netherlands. It is fantastic that they scored 291 against a seasoned team like England which is one of the better teams in contention in this edition. All other matches have been predictable and boring with high totals and one sided matches.

I always feel that the teams that go through a slightly challenging route have better chances of winning the Cup. Primarily because they take nothing for granted after the first scare. It is always a good feeling to know that you are just that bit short - so you try that extra bit harder each game and take nothing for granted. On the other hand the side that has an easier route or is riding in big wins for most of the tournament never really gets to test its weak areas out in situations where they can recover and might find it a little hard if one match in the knockout goes to the wire. So all the big win sides including India, New Zealand, Pakistan need to get grounded even when they face a Netherlands or a Bangladesh. Australia and England have already been tested. Their challenge is to find enough gas to go over the finish line.

I am still looking for the first upset on this tournament and it better happen fast. Like they say, even I feel that the Cup is open at this stage.

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