Saturday, February 19, 2011

Talk at Don Bosco High School, Erragadda

Ever since we shot the movie at this school I had been meaning to do one talk to the senior students of this school. So the other day when Father Joseph called me and asked if I could do a talk today I was more than ready. I went to the school at 1045 am and they set up a classroom with some carpets and stuff so more children could be accommodated and all the girls and boys of the Xth class sat in two groups, across the aisle on the floor. They were a noisy bunch but listened attentively to the talk for almost 45 minutes, which was almost 20 minutes into their lunch time. So it was understandable.

I told them that they must dream big like the boys in GHS did, that their potential was endless, and that they should start taking themselves and their dreams more seriously. I told them that the process was the same whether one wants to go to space, become an engineer, a mathematician, an actor or whatever - to see their dream, to visualise their dream coming true (they closed their eyes and did that), to plan for it, to work for it with an idea of improving each day and to achieve it. I gave them the example of how one can get 100% in mathematics if one wants to. Not many shared their dreams but there was a girl who wanted to go to space, a boy who wanted to be an animator, another who wanted to be an Electronics Engineer, a girl who wanted to be a doctor, an architect, an actress and a boy who wanted to be a mathematician. At the end of the class some of them came up and shared what they learnt in the class and most had pretty good learnings.

I tool leave from Father Joseph, gifted the school a copy of 'The Men Within' and returned home. I sat for a moment on the dais from where we get a great view of the Don Bosco School ground and it was a great refresher of the shoot of 'Golconda High School'.

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