Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phas Gaye Obama - Entertaining

Watched this movie after much waiting. I had read the reviews of the movie and had all made up my mind when I realised that it hardly had theatres for two days. Anyways I went and got myself a video and watched it. It is entertaining and fun.

The entire plot is about how the recession in America trickles down to India and affects everyone - including the gangsters in UP who thrive on the kidnapping business. We look at Bhaisaab's gang which has a motley group of aspiring criminals trying to make ends meet - they have no bullets, no petrol in the jeep, their clients are not paying and they do not even have roti to eat. Enter an NRI (Rajat Kapoor) who is looking at losing everything he has because he has no money to pay for the mortgage of his house, thanks to the recession. He comes to his village in India to sell of some ancestral property managed by his chacha, finds a whole brood of relatives living there (recession!) and also finds that there are no buyers for this property. It is at this moment that one of Bhaisaab's gang members, the English spouting Ani, who has dreams of going to the USA, meets his ticket to the USA. When Bhaisaab hears of this he kidnaps the bankrupt NRI.

How the bankrupt NRI and the sad bunch of kidnappers try to make some money while advancing him as a valuable asset to other bigger gangs (NRI gets a share in each transaction for keeping quiet and gets enoguht o pay off his loans in the USA!) until it goes all the way up the chain to the Ministerji is what the movie is all about. It is fun and new, the treatment fresh and the actors convincing. I enjoyed it. Recommended.

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