Thursday, February 17, 2011

India and the World Cup

The World Cup is here. India start as one of the favourites obviously. Dhoni's team has the best chance of winning I feel and if they do not, they can only blame their lack of application. It is a power packed side with one of the best captains the world has ever seen, a team that is high on morale and confidence and a team that has built character over a period of time. Hopefully they will counter pressure well, as they have been doing in the past few months and years, and pull off a much deserved win. For a team with such talent, it is not a great record to have won the World Cup only once.

However as a viewer I feel a great amount of cricket fatigue already. The players themselves do not look fresh. Nor do they look hungry. Hopefully there will be some interesting matches and not long drawn one sided matches in the tournament. I also hope that a team like Bangladesh which is hungry for success comes up with a creditable performance here and makes it into the later rounds.

Suddenly 50 overs seem too long. Anyway more on the World Cup later.

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