Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Annie Hall - Woody Allen's Wonderful Movie

As part of Sagar's attempt to educate me on movies he gave me a set of 7 DVDs in addition to the others he gave me last week. One of the 7 is 'Annie Hall' by Woody Allen which I just watched on this fine Telangana bandh day.  I am nicely stocked for these two days with DVDs and am hoping to see most of them.

I started with 'Annie Hall' (1977) this morning and completely loved the movie. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton make a wonderful pair that keeps falling in and out of love. Woody Allen is a comedian and is as neurotic as any character Woody Allen plays and his girlfriend in most parts is Diane Keaton who is a singer. One gets to see some of today's stars in bit roles - Jeff Goldblum, Christopher Hawkins to name a couple. The movie moves whackily in whichever way Woody Allen chooses to take you, dipping into flashbacks whenever he wishes, standing in the frame while the flashback is going on and actually having a conversation in the background while the flashback is playing out in the foreground. The movie apparently serves as a historical document of love in the 70s according to a website I saw.

Oh, one can watch 'Annie Hall' any number of times. Funny and so full of life.


Rajendra said...

have seen it but don't remember. Should see it again. Benefits of memory loss is that you can do things over..and over..

Harimohan said...

Annie Hall is certainly worth a watch again. I have a few other Woody Allen DVDs that we can watch on your next visit.