Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No One Killed Jessica - Must Watch

I watched 'No One Killed Jessica' last night and found it really good and worthy of all the accolades it got.It is sensitively made and brings out all the horror and helplessness that we all experienced while watching this high profile case in which the killer almost got away thanks to his connections. Thanks to the media, the case was reexamined and the killer found guilty after a trial court had earlier acquitted all the accused.

Jessica Lal's case is folklore in India. How a young model was shot dead in public view in a high profile party in Delhi for refusing a drink to a young man is well known. The movie brings to life the same story with Vidya Balan playing Sabrina Lal, Jessica's tenacious sister who fought a lone crusade against a powerful opposition which tried every dirty trick in the book to get the culprit off the hook. From threatening witnesses, tampering evidence to what not, the case was twisted enough to let all accused go free. Enter Rani Mukherjee who plays the feisty Meera, a star journalist who refuses to see the culprits walk away free. How she traps one of the star witnesses who gets sold off for a crore to give wrong evidence and generates enough public outrage to make the system relook at the case and bring the culprits to book is the story.

'No One Killed Jessica' did not have one moment of drag. It is taut, well made and has some fine performances by everyone - Rani Mukherjee is perfect in the role of Meera, Vidya Balan is brilliant as Sabrina Lal and almost every one who has been cast has been cast well. Another movie that is on the recommended list.

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