Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anjali - Lessons While Sitting On the Floor

Yesterday I realised that it was more fun talking to Anjali at her level i.e. something around 3 feet or so. So I just sat down on the floor and so did Shobhs and we took our plates and food and started eating like in the olden times, sitting on the floor. Oh, Anjali got super excited with everything coming down to her level and she wanted to serve us and insisted that we eat this or that or have another helping etc. It was a nice experience too and I am planning on doing it on a regular basis now.
Anjali, pleased with her handiwork

But apart from the meal it was Anjali's enthusiasm that made it all so much more fun. The fact that things were down at her eye level got her very excited and I realised how important it is to do that more often. And with more people. Secondly her excitement at us doing something new was infectious. I mean we can do so many things that we do differently right? That is what makes life more interesting. I mean look at me, sitting and blogging away like I climbed the Everest when all I did was sit on the floor and eat my dinner. There is something about doing things differently that makes you want to share. Also helps your creativity I guess and also helps you to stay alive. Another thing I noticed was the kind of responsibility that Anjali took when she saw us sitting at her plane. It was almost like she took charge when things got down to her level. As if 'I know you guys are not used to this but let me help you out'.

I'd like to see what she does when she eats with us, sitting on the floor today.

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