Friday, January 1, 2021

2020 - The Year in Thought

 Some interesting thoughts that came up this year.

The world can come to a standstill and life goes on. Nothing is so important. Life is, as we live it.

From the book 'The Outsider'
The fact that Frederick Forsyth wrote 'The Day of the Jackal'in 35 days "to make money".

From the book 'The Malevolent Republic"
One should not discuss one's religion publicly - Lal Bahadur Shastri

From the book "Conscious leadership"-

Unwillingness to receive is at the bottom of any problem. Life comes with abundance. We restrict with our judgment.

To let go of fixed points of view, be willing to be wrong. When you are upset you have a fixed point of view.

Examples of being unwilling to receive are - 1) not wanting to deal with crises 2) resisting having, being and doing something 3) fretting about how things ought to be 4) not wanting to make mistakes

To follow the energy, give up control.

From the book "Being You Changing the World"

1) Stay with the questions
2) destroy judgments and open up spaces
3) What else is possible? and How can it get better?
4) Lighten up, what makes you lighter is the truth
5) 98% of our feelings, emotions etc is not ours, so return to the sender
6) don't make anything too significant or it will control you
7) to change anything, change your point of view
8) live exuberantly 

From the book Ï am That"
I am - remain the witness.
Earnestness liberates
There's no chaos except the chaos your mind creates.
Give your undivided attention to the most important thing in your life - yourself.
Put in all, get all.
You can find what you have lost, but you cannot find what you have not lost
To know that pain and pleasure are one is peace.
Give up the idea of what you think yourself to be and there will be no gap. By imagining yourself as separate you have created the gap.  
In reality, time and space exist in you: you do not exist in them.
If you just try to keep quiet, all will come.
It is you who are in movement and not time. Stop moving and time will cease.
The ideas of me and mine are the root of all conflict. Be free of them and you'll be free of conflict.
The secret is in action - here and now.
Desire is the past, fear is the future.
In the end there is no sin, guilt, retribution, only life in its endless transformations. 

From the book 'The Power of Full Engagement'
We need to manage our energy and not time. To manage our energy we need to manage Physical (good, water, sleep), Mental (stay in a state of realistic optimism), Emotional (hold both spaces or emotions that may be in conflict) and Spiritual (be rooted in values that serve as anchors, pay attention to us and to others, go beyond self for a cause greater than self)
Spiritual energy overrides physical energy.
The key to managing energy and building strength is periodisation.
Develop rituals that help keep focus and take the mind off the process.

From the book "The Four Agreements"
Be of Impeccable Word
Never make assumptions
Don't take anything personally
Always do your best

From the book "The Untethered Soul'
Dissociate with the voice in your head - watch it like a witness
All the voice does is to make us feel secure - it doesn't help. Keep it quiet if you want to grow.
Who am I - I am the consciousness and where it is drawn to
Consciousness is inner energy - the same one that fills us when we are in love. When our consciousness is in flow we feel the high of love - we trust, we drop our walls. We have the energy and we open up and let it flow.
We block it which requires a lot of effort. Decide to enjoy your life.
To grow there should only be one of you. One that contains all parts.
Pain is the price of freedom. Make peace with pain.
The inner breakthrough comes when you realise you are only defending your walls. Freedom is on the other side of your walls.
Follow the path of unconditional happiness. Commit to unconditional happiness. 

From the talk 
Stop focusing on 'why'and start focusing on 'what'to do to change the outcome

From the book 'Born to Run'
Run Easy, light, smooth and fast
Don't fight the track, take what it gives you. If it gives you 2, take 3.
You could halt an epidemic by running. Move your legs.

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